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Find Local Coffee Shops and Roasters

Welcome to Coffee Experiences Beta.This is an open beta, so please start adding and sharing! You can report bugs or give suggestions here: Contact Us

About Coffee Experiences

Coffee Experiences is the brainchild of designer, UX guy, and coffee addict, Shawn Borsky. Shawn designed the site and logo while incredibly talented developer Brian Seitel brought it too life.

As a serious lover of coffee and the businesses and people that provide them, Shawn conceived the site with the main purpose of sharing great coffee. While there are certainly other goals such as coffee education, the site is about real people sharing really good coffee.

It always seems like most coffee drinkers just simply have not enjoyed a really well made coffee. Don't get us wrong; we are fans of Folgers, Maxwell House, Starbucks, and more. Even McDonald's makes a mean cup of joe. They are what they are, but they're not that interesting. The life-blood of the coffee world are the small roasters, shops and people who are truly passionate about what they do and about how coffee can really ignite your taste-buds. These are the ones that take extra time to carefully curate a roast, take in the aroma, and hand-pack each order. These are the companies and people that enjoy the warmth they are spreading and don't do it only for money.

When the conditions are right, it can be simple ecstasy to have a cup. A cold morning, time relaxing with close family, together with warm cookies... We can go on for hours about when we love coffee. If you take a little time, a cup of coffee can be truly special. This is what we want for everyone who drinks coffee: to find that simple enjoyment and to share it with people around the world. Internet technology has enabled amazing things. Just like you can get fresh coffee in a day from across the globe, so should you be able to find and share that experience with others.

We hope you remember to enjoy the simple things and share them.
Thanks for visiting and we hope you are enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee right now.

The Coffee Experiences Team